Tauleigne en Provence

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With a lodging capacity of 10 to 12 people, the house is in ancient typically provençale masonry in regional stones dating from the beginning of the XIX century, with windowsills and door frames in stone and roofing in ancient roman tiles. The facade displays two front doors, one leading to the living room, and the other to the kitchen. On the first floor, you will find three joined rooms, separated by walls of stone. On the ground floor, there are successively, the kitchen- eating corner, the living room, the dining room. These three adjoining rooms have a tiled floor.

Le salon

The living room, situated in the center of the house, has walls of well preserved stone, the wood beamed ceilings have been redone, but it is still the image of the ancient living room. The wood fireplace has a long autonomy and will only be used during the cold season; it adds a certain charm. The staircase which leads to the first floor hides a corner toilet and a cupboard. Couches and armchairs bring the joy of reading, (comprehensive library, complete with childrens' books), or a night in front of the television.

There is a very old mantle on the left of the the kitchen entrance. The kitchen is equipped with all the modern benefits: offering the chef a sink and draining board, four electric burners, airvent, electric oven, dish washer, chopping board/working area, multiplesocklets and all of the necessary material to prepare simple dishes or fine quality cuisine. In the front of the room, a table and some chairs permit user-friendly meals or finger pickings in the ambiance of the kitchen.

To the right, an ancient stone sink is conserved in its original place. It is cut out of the width of the stone wall and joins the living room door.

La salle à mangerThe dining room contains a very large table to reunite all of the guests. The stone walls set the tone. In these three rooms, the light filters through the little provencale crossbar style windows and contrasts with the outside light. The little openings are fitted out with caution, in the Midi, for fear of the heat. The shutters are necessary for those who wish to conserve an early-morning freshness.

Le hall de nuit

On the first floor the first hallway leads to the first two rooms and one bathroom. This hallway leads to five interior doors and one exterior door on the old wall. The first door to the right of the staircase leads into the first room, above the living room. It is the biggest one. It has a double bed,

two night tables, and a dresser with two bars for hangers and six shelves. It is also possible to store your luggage there. The walls are painted in clear colors of the Midi. Two windows in the stone wall look out over the garden and the swimming pool. This room may have a cot upon request. This room also has

a telephone connection.

The second door to the right of the staircase gives access to a closet. It is not accessible to the tenants.


The exterior door in the old wall is only used as a window. It provides a little bit of light and air. The window on the door can be opened but the door itself cannot.

The third door in the hallway opens to the bathroom, decorated with white tiles and orange flower designs. This bathroom contains a sink, shower/bath with a mixer tap with thermostatic control.The fourth door in the hallway gives access to the second room. The rays of light pass through a little window and reveal the double bed in the centre of two night tables. The wardrobe is built into the closet.

The very old door to the left of the staircase is the entrance to the second hallway which leads to three doors and a staircase. The first door opens to a toilet.

The second door is the entrance to the second bathroom. Coloured tiles provide a dynamic atmosphere. This bathroom contains a shower/bath, a sink, and shelving arangement.

Salle de bain 2

The third door leads the way to a young persons room, equiped with two single beds
The staircase leads the way to a dormitory on the mansard-roofed second floor, cut in two by a wardrobe in clear view with two beds to the left and two beds to the right. Two of these four beds offer a pull-out bed; this dormitory can house up to six people.
All of the rooms on the first and second floor, with the exception of the bathrooms and the toilets, have a floor made of pine wood planks which have been polished and finished.

Le dortoir

Map of the ground floor

Map of the first floor

Map of the second floor